Thursday, December 14, 2017

Bud Ekins' work truck loaded-up with his, and Steve McQueen's desert racers. I bet the tailgate is lettered by Von Dutch, he worked for Ekins at one time, and did a lot of work for Steve McQueen

Shrine of the Holy Grill, an oasis of Edsels

His first car was an Edsel, bought a month after production ceased, and the dealership wanted it gone so bad they knocked a 1/3rd off the price. It lasted 12 years and 120,000 miles, and then life got in the way until he restored it, won trophies with it, and started collecting more Edsels.

He found and purchased 1960 Edsel Serial Number One – a four-door hardtop coincidentally painted the same Sahara Beige as his first four-door sedan. A lot of the his cars are low-mileage originals, including a black ’58 Citation four-door hardtop that has clocked just 22,000 miles, and a ’59 Corsair two-door hardtop – red, with cream-yellow inserts and a white roof – showing just 16,300 miles

In 1994, Jim’s 1960 Ranger sedan – the first Edsel he ever purchased, 34 years before – earned a Grand National First Prize from the Antique Automobile Club of America. It was the first Edsel ever to be so honored.

Stiffspeed never disappoints, there is always cool cars to see, mostly race cars

the factory kit car / Mopar race cars of the 70s

a Conestoga wheel stander


Blackhawk Nugget tool boxes, first advertised in the 1930s

the Davis Motor Mine rail car

The Davis Motor Mine was originally an old drift mine between Queen City and Port Wine

This, is Playboy Marfa. Yeah, I never heard of it either, but Larry L knew exactly what it was! How? No idea! A 40-foot tall neon Playboy bunny sign and a black 1972 Charger

Jalopnik ran a story on it 6 years ago, it seems Playboy's marketing team commissioned the piece as part of their attempts to "reviv(e) the brand for a younger generation" who probably don't have much use for the magazine thanks to the wide array of free Internet porn readily available to them.

Well, they pissed off the locals, who got the idea that it's as much an advertising piece for Playboy as it is art, and that hurt the feelings of all the delicate sensibilities of the tender artists.

Not only were the local water lillies all in a tizzy, the great state of Texas couldn't handle the magazine symbol, and ordered Playboy to remove its sign. Yeah, Waco happened, twice, but a bunny? Hell no.  The Texas Department of Transportation said it’s considered an advertisement and can’t be placed by a U.S. highway.

It was moved to the Dallas Museum of Contemporary Art, where it was to be located for one year of display, but was so appreciated for some reason, it stayed for 3, despite... and get a load of this...

 here’s Peter Simek on Playboy Marfa-

 There is something frivolous and frustrating about this piece. If you take a step back from the dry intellectual pat-a-cakes over the nature of the work of art, you see it as merely a trite, depressingly idiotic piece of consumer kitsch, a muscle car on a tilted pedestal facing a neon bunny. At best the piece is itself an example of art-parody, a self-effacing admittance of art’s own branded triviality, pandering consumer cool with a nihilistic swagger. It’s a conversation piece, but a dreadful and depressing work of art.

Who the hell is Peter Simek? Among other things he's written, he did an article on the culinary epicures of the California coast.  Yes, I had to look up wtf that means. Epicure? = Perfect gift. Seriously, great food was not a phrase he could use? SMH

Somehow, they missed the Prada Marfa "art" and couldn't establish a link to the advertising nature of

this consumer centric pop stand, if you can believe that!

This is a permanently installed sculpture by artists Elmgreen and Dragset, by Valentine Texas, and not, ironically? Marfa.

Apollo 15 astronauts and their rides

might be a wheelchair, or something else useful... but it's certainly a complimentary mini van

Dallas FD looks like they are sliding their ladder truck on ice across the freeway

rear steer is a cool looking thing

In case you didn't know, you can't pass a bus with the flashing red lights and stop signs out - without points off your license and a fine... and you might hit a kid. So Stop.

Just a public service announcement.

Carry on

act like an idiot, pay the price.... in front of a crowd of young people waiting to make you famous on youtube

other than getting married, picking up a new sports car must be the coolest thing you can celebrate until the bill is due

This one of the few street cars produced by Bill Thomas, (#007), for Alan Green Chevrolet. Alan's wife drove it on the street, but it was also raced for a time, on track and strip. It has been fully restored to original street configuration, and was for sale in Hemmings, for $795,000.. One of only 12 original Cheetahs left in existence

Happy kid with a pedal car

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

coffee and donuts video of the morning, fixing up a 2CV ( I like to watch a nice quiet documentary about fixing a car)

and it quickly sets me straight that it takes more than disassembly and reassembly with new parts to properly get one back to running right, and reliably.

This restoration was entrusted to the Atelier 2CV of Bareggio, the owner, Guido Wilhelm, has been in a 2CV since he was a boy and knows the model in every detail.

The starting point was not to modify a Citroën 2CV already in order, but to save a car that otherwise would have been scrapped: a 1982 2CV originally registered in the province of Turin.

50 years after hitting a deer, and never fixing their Fury, a son was motivated to restore his parents car while they are still around to enjoy using it!

while they were in Palm Springs, their car collection in Canada burnt to the ground. They were insured by Hagerty, so I think they'll be fine... but a couple of the cars they collected are irreplaceble

He's 13, living in Canada, and needs a 51 Windsor for a parts car so he can fix up his 1951 Chrysler Windsor... how cool is that?

he talked the owner down to 300 bucks, and bought it from a grandson who inherited it after it was bought by his grand-dad from the original owner who used to haul milk with it.

After assessing the car, Liam put an ad online. “I need a parts car or parts. It would be good to have a parts car so, if anything breaks in the future, I have a source for replacements. I have had only had a few responses. One person has doors and the other lives too far away.” Liam says.

Apart from some assorted parts, his big need is for quarter panels that are the rear fenders. His have had rust issues and contain a lot of body filler.

It's in pretty good shape! But he's still going to need a parts car... anyone who can help him out, he can be contacted at

zipping around Bathurst in a XYGT

and this next car needs a better steering ratio, and new motor mounts or a chain... to keep that motor from twisting so far clockwise!

Amsterdam's mayor and court make the beer bike illegal. Pot and prostitutes? Still legal... wtf?

The resistance of the Amsterdam hospitality industry was strong, but now the canvas seems to have fallen for the beer bike. The Council of State confirms a previous court decision that prohibited the driving beer tapping.

the late Mayor Van der Laan banned the thing in the busiest parts of the city center.

Maybe "drive around" is what the sign should say instead of "drive thru"

when that tank absolutely positively needs to become slag, use only the best, Phosphorus Missiles by ACME. Also, don't try to invade Israel. They ain't fuckin' around

do NOT get into a fight with a weakling in an excavator. Remember, he has an EXCAVATOR!

there is some major road rage in all parts of the world, but, only in Russia does it seem everyone has a dash cam!

Keeping your racing in the budget, with a lawn tractor instead of the million dollar multi engined tractors

Wow, mini jeep and trailer