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the R code 4 door Holman Moody '63 Galaxie

It's believed to be the only four door Galaxy built for racing.

It was ordered in 62 by Len Lukey and delivered pre-paid to Australia

Only that upon arrival all the light weight panels, bumper and brakes had to be replaced with stock items as the rules at the time was for 'Production Sedans' and these items were not available to the public at the showroom in Australia. It is R code and came with the 427 low riser

After a period of being driven as a road registered car, and after much effort Gary Smith tracked the car down and purchased it from the outer north eastern suburbs of Melbourne. After moving to Perth, the car was sold to Wayne Holland, who sent it to Marc Ducquet in NSW for sorting and an engine rebuild. This was at approximately the same time Marc was preparing his fastback. The fourdoor then returned to Gary in Perth and was raced in (historic) Appendix J class for several years.

David Bowden owns this car. Soon after purchasing the car from Wayne, the car was given a full mechanical restoration, and is now on display in the fabulous racing car collection David has on display in Australia.

good idea for your car in long term parking;

 if you leave your car in the long-term parking at an airport, you should NOT leave the registration/insurance cards in it, nor your remote garage door opener. Using the information on the car's registration in the glove compartment, thieves will know what houses to rob while you're on vacation.... and if they also steal your garage door opener, they won't even have to break into your house if you have an attached garage.

Jess Neal's 1971 Plymouth 'Cuda took 1st place in the vintage class at Pikes Peak 2016

the Dunn Reath rear engine 'Cuda funny car was the only rear engine funny car to win a national event, the 1972 NHRA Supernationals.

The car featured a trick Woody Gilmore chassis with Dunn & Reath’s 392 Chrysler Hemi for power.,834.2325.html

Javelins in Nascar

AMC Muscle Cars : Muscle Car Color History
By Larry G. Mitchell

the world’s largest salt flat is in southwest Bolivia, near the crest of the Andes

Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat at 4,086 sq mi which makes it roughly 100 times the size of the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Salar de Uyuni is at an elevation of 11,995 ft above mean sea level.

The area has a relatively stable average temperature with a peak at 70 °F in November to January and a low of 55 °F in June. The nights are cold all through the year, with temperatures between 16 and 41 °F

one of the three American Motors team cars that won the Team Prize in the 1968 Shell 4000 rally

Sid Dickson of Maryland bought the car after the finish of the Shell 4000 for use in the 1968 London To Sydney Marathon rally and in the final standings, he was ranked as finishing 46th Overall.

Jay and a 1912 Indian that did the Cannonball

there it is right in the center, after just crossing the finish line at the 2016 Cannonball

Kaiser took a Rambler, blended it's design with Pinin Farina sytle elements, and called it the IKA Torino

In the 1960s Industrias Kaiser Argentina (IKA) decided to take an American Motors Corporation car, the Rambler American, and blend in some styling modifications by Pinin Farina. The engine was an inline 6-cylinder engine that had been originally designed for Willys. The result of all of this was the IKA Torino shown below.

Someone finally found a Ferrari they could rally through Africa with... astonishing. Not surprising though, is that a tiny part came lose and destroyed a bearing and stopped the power from getting to the wheels

It's a 1975 308GT4. Tanzania and Kenya were the countries they blasted through.

It did not finish due to a $3 circlip/ snap ring/ C Clip slipped along a transmission drive shaft and allowed a bearing to move. This resulted in no forward motion after just making the 12th fastest time on the last section that they completed.

the winner of the 1968 Shell 4000 mile rally across Canada, a Barracuda

They were in 2nd place in the 1967 rally, and further developed the car for the '68 rally, successfully. This was the 1st time an American car maker won a World Championship Rally.

Driver Scott Harvey Sr. was the engineer in charge of Chrysler's Plymouth Barracuda racing program, Ralph was a math student.

In partial payment for his Chrysler Rally Team work, the company gave the 22-year-old Beckman one of their cars, a less radical version of the Barracuda in which he and Harvey had won the trans-Canada event.

"Visually, the cars were identical, blue with a white stripe, but my car didn't have all the racing parts," recalls Beckman. "I built mine into a car for SCCA events, and I ran some national rallies in it. Then I put it away, and it rotted in a garage in Michigan for years."
Rallying to Win: A Complete Guide to North American Rallying By Jean Calvin

In 1999, Beckman reunited with Scott Harvey Sr., and the pair finished second in class at Mexico's Carrera Panamerica in Harvey's Porsche 356.

About two years later, Beckman decided to resurrect the Barracuda. "I decided it would be fun to redo it and bring it back as a fully competitive car, one that is indicative of how good the Shell car really was," he explains. "Scott was running the Barracuda Trans Am program at the time, so it was basically a fully developed Trans Am car. For years I've been searching for all the bits and pieces and assembling them into a proper rally car."

The Barracuda has been built to the Group II Grand Touring homologation specifications that were in effect in the late 1960s, with safety updates that fall into line with the FIA Appendix K for Historic Rallying. Under the hood is a 340 CID Chrysler V8, mated to an aluminum case 4-speed transmission. Though many final drive ratios are allowed, Beckman will be using a 4.11:1 ring and pinion in the differential.

"One of the more limiting factors is the tires," said Beckman. "The rules limit tire choice to 70-series profile, and there aren't many companies that still build those, much less in a performance tire."

there were some other cool cars rally racing across Canada, Shelby GT 350 Cobra Mustang

And an AMC Rebel

Houston we have a problem... what else can you say when you have a car club for a specific manufacturer, and find more cars in your registry than the factory made. Ooops!

ERA, the English Racing Automobile, 1934-38, has a website that tracks the ownership of each chassis made, and who has owned it.

Well, here's an example of how things go kattywampus:

Walker did have a new sprint car in 1952 but it was an almost standard Cooper Bristol chassis and body powered by the two litre ERA engine that had been used in R10B during 1949. 
GP1’s chassis was fitted with a Jaguar XK120 engine at some stage in the early 1950s and then returned to the ERA works at Dunstable from where it was bought by Ken Flint.
 When Flint bought GP1 it had neither body nor engine. 
Flint and Verdun Edwards combined the two E types (the chassis of GP1/the body of GP2) with a Jaguar XK engine to create a sports car.

That they had more cars in the club than the company made wasn't even noticed for a while.

on the north island of New Zealand, are a couple of hardcore rallycar fanatics, to such an extent that Marty Loughnan built himself a Lancia Stratos, from scratch!

I know the image you see below isn't the Stratos, but when videos are embedded, sometimes you don't get it to show what you want of the many minutes of video, in the one screen grab

"And so we must turn to the baby Jesus, who once said, 'he who shall be last shall be sideways and smiling.'" - Jeremy Clarkson

friendly neighborhood trailer removal service.

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well, if ever you had to prove your need to be at a parts store, there could be no question when the car breaks down in the parking lot, or crashes into the store

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what a Messerschmitt dealership could have looked like

Well done landing without nose gear, compliments to the pilot!

a King Air B200 made an emergency landing at Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City, Oct 19th 2016. Landing with failed nose gear, the pilot held the nose off as long as possible, and came to a smooth stop on the runway.

an indepth look at what racing a new Z 28 on the autocross circuit in competition for the Optima Challenge is like, it's not as light as competition like the Corvettes, and doesn't get the traction an AWD car has

Super Chevy Magazine was at Fontana to cover the Optima Challenge racing, the last of the 10 qualifier events

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Last week, Ken Block debuted his upgraded Hoonicorn, This week, he announced the purpose of the Hoonicorn update; a new film series entitled Climbkhana.

Allright, it's pretty clear this was a problem, that could have been fixed real quick with a shovel or a Bobcat

1941 Willys Woody, there are 2 known to exist, and the other is already restored. This one is going to be restored and covered on Facebook if you want to follow along on their coverage

This is effing awesome! Some guy went and made a dozen videos about life as a low budget rallyist and rally enthusiast! Epic!

Ryan Symancek introduces his new mini series by finding a car to rally. It has to be something cheap, easy to work on in a college parking lot, and has to be somewhere in the east coast of the United States. Ryan and some friends in college look to the internet to find a car that, with $2000, could propel them into the motorsport know as SCCA Rallycross.

best of rally vids

cool driveway gate

Would be a lot better with cool rims, but hey, who cuts cool rims in half for a gate?