Thursday, September 29, 2016

a legend, a mutt, and a winning race car that slapped around Ferraris and called them it's bitch (mutt, bitch, get it?) (These are the funny ones folks, tip your waitress)

A rather ungainly machine, it featured a wide variety of components including an old Coca-Cola sign. Balchowsky was well aware that his new racer looked like and very much was a 'junkyard dog' so he painted it yellow and named it 'Old Yeller' after the famous hound in the Disney movie by the same name. On the insistence of Disney, he later renamed the cars 'Old Yaller'.

The car won its first race by a margin of 13 seconds. Against an even stronger field, which included Phil Hill in a big Ferrari, Hauser scored back to back wins a few months later. Balchowsky also took turns behind the wheel of his creation. His greatest victory came at the 1958 Santa Barbara Labour Day races where he beat Richie Ginther in a Ferrari 250 TR.

and it was used as the camera car in Herbie the Love Bug

have you ever seen tires this angled off the vertical? At the same time?

it's that goofy Tempest I think.. the one with the rope driveshaft or whatever. I just recall there was something really weird and unique about it

the hot rod flamejob 5th wheeled drag racing matched set

1971 hemi Cuda finally gets pulled out of the Kansas City basement it's been stuck in since 1978 (it kept company with a 1970 Hemi ’Cuda and a Lime Green 1970 AAR ’Cuda)

all original, and numbers matching, with only 21 thousand miles before it was stored away to get that mythical restoration that actually never happens. But it was completely taken apart for a rotisserie restoration, and all the pieces and parts were laid out 

1910 Pullman Model O Roadster

Rough but rustless, this 1956 356 was used for decades until the guy died, then it spent a decade in the widows garage. Now it's going to get auctioned

mega bots are a go... here's how they are building it

They've created a YouTube series that follows the design, fabrication, and testing of America’s first mech in preparation for the world’s first Giant Robot Duel between us and Suidobashi Heavy Industry of Japan.

those fun Hagerty people are going to bring another dead vehicle to Hershey, and bring it to life with swap meet parts! This time, a Model A car frame

Hagerty’s “Swap to Street Challenge” kicks off on Oct. 4 at the AACA Hershey fall swap meet, Starting with the remnants of a 1930 Ford Model A, four Hagerty employees will attempt to build an entire car in four days using parts sourced at the meet. The entire build will be streamed live, then we’re planning to drive the vehicle 750 miles back to our home offices in Traverse City, Mich.

In addition to a Model A chassis and a non-working four-cylinder flathead engine, the car includes a three-speed manual transmission and its original mechanical brakes. Everything else will have to be located by scouring Hershey’s massive swap meet – more than 9,000 vender spaces covering 85 acres surrounding the Giant Center and Hersheypark.

For updates on the team’s preparations and more details on the vehicle, visit If you’re planning to attend the meet, please stop by and watch the build, which will be located on the Chocolate Field near the pedestrian bridge. Those of you who want to watch from home can subscribe to the livestream here:

Henley Enterprises of Valvoline Instant Oil Change is raising funds and increasing awareness for National Breast Cancer Foundation throughout the month of October

The wipers are available at over 210 participating Valvoline Instant Oil Change locations in 12 states.

Now in its fifth year, the campaign has raised more than $55,000 for NBCF. “This campaign gives back to the communities in which we serve. The pink wipers are a highly visible product that many Americans can rally behind. The blades allow individuals who have been affected or know someone affected by breast cancer to show their support” states Don Smith, founder and CEO of the Valvoline Instant Oil Change franchisee.

Valvoline Instant Oil Change will be kicking off the month long campaign October 1st with a ‘Pink Out Day’ including pink give-a-ways at participating locations. Double donations will be made to NBCF on pink wipers sold this day. For more information and a location list visit , and follow the campaign with #PinkOilChange.

The Ursery family that owns the Valvoline Instant Oil Change location in Clarkeville Tennessee
decided that it would make a bigger impact if they painted their Wilma Boulevard store pink, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.

“During the month of October, we will donate $2.00 for every oil change to the Sarah Cannon Research Center, to help fund the research into a cure for Cancer. We will also encourage our customers to make a donation that will go directly to this campaign,” said Candace Ursery. “We will also host a cook-out on October 11th at our “pink” facility where we will be grilling hot dogs and hamburgers, and invite everyone out to enjoy the food and make a donation to our campaign.”

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

finally, a new photo of Burt, and at speed on Bonneville to make it even better

What the heck is this thing? A Crosley dragster

'64 Winternats. A chopped altered wheelbase Crosely convertible

there is even a Facebook page for Crosley dragsters.... that is bizarre, there are so many, they have a page

the Hurst Floor Shift Special, ala Smokey Yuinick

the lucky kid

Qing Yi, the centerpiece of the TRON Realm Shanghai Disney Resort

tell me it's not true... Plymouth couldn't have been this ridiculously desperate to sell cars in 1965... they had Max Wedges and Hemi engines! They had dual quads!

this was one of the many Plymouth mini cars used in the 1964 New York Worlds Fair

Playmate Tish was there to promote and sign autographs to get you to buy a GT 500 KR

Makes me wonder how often a playmate was called up to help bring some excitement to a car sale

Lucky to walk afterwards, Mike Conroy, 2010. One broken leg and vertebra

Scott Richardson took the best series of photos of this entire moment, but I didn't find that until after posting all these from different sources.... but go look at and you'll agree

George Hurst

Shirley had a cool helmet