Wednesday, June 28, 2017

a little bit everything, a blimp, planes, cool old cars...

look at the tanker, the trailer looks like it's got solid rubber tires, not pnuematic

15 year olds breaking into Florida homes stuck a gold mine, stole a Porsche Cayman and full safe from just one house, one kid used the stolen money to buy his mom a Hellcat

While wearing a ankle monitor (so, those are useless huh?) the Hellcat buying kid, with 5 or 6 other 14 to 16 year olds, went door to door in wealthy neighborhoods.

Appearantly, these kids just blended right in, you know, as 15 year olds with good teeth, driving cheap Hyundai's, just blend right into the private jet and speedboat type neighborhood.

Then the 15 year old with gold teeth buys himself a Mercedes Benz C300. Because, appearantly, in Florida, kids with stacks of 10000 dollars in cash are so common that car sellers don't even blink twice when selling to a kid with no drivers license, an ankle monitor, and gold teeth.

Good grief as Charlie Brown.

Nascar WTF moments

H. H. Franklin club's "48th Franklin Club Westrek" was found in Yellowstone, proving these old cars were built to last

This should be a tv series... or at least an internet weekly episode "Shouldn't Have Said That"

cutest thing you'll see all week... Earnhardt's 12 yr old grand-daughter in pit row doing interviews

The Diet Mountain Dew duck call commercials, how did these remain out of sight until this morning? It showed up as spam video on the edge of my Yahoo mail

They actually made and sold these

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Hudson of Burbank

the Shriners and Gary Cooper

a beautiful example of an Alfa

David found the remains of a career in the police force

on the back bumper of this early 50s Ford is a decal from the police of Fort Lewis Washington

Thanks David! 

JFC, I just posted a warning to all of you to not let drunk women take an UBER home alone. Ain't anyone paying attention?

Yesterday's news from LA, 24 year old young woman drunk off her ass gets an UBER ride to Hollywood, but passes out in the car on the way.

The male driver stops at a hotel and rapes her.

He has 5 felony convictions for narcotics possession and narcotics sale. UBER doesn't screen for felonies.

She wakes up the next morning not knowing where the hell she is, but knowing what happened

So take a moment, prevent this from happening again. Even if you ain't related.... make sure they get home safe.

Posting because I care and wish you and your family the best lives possible, which means looking out for each other, and keeping an eye out for trouble we can prevent

only 3 weeks ago I posted

do you remember that commercial with Santa and all his cars?

Monday, June 26, 2017

Jack Dempsey in his 1929 DuPont

Probably the most memorable of all duPonts were the Model G's, introduced in late 1928. Power was from a eight-cylinder L-head Continental 12-K engine that displaces 322 cubic-inches. It had an aluminum cover over the distributor, spark plugs and wiring which made it waterproof and gave it the allusion of having overhead valves. The 125 horsepower engine rested in a wheelbase that measured up to 141 inches. The price of ownership included hydraulic shock absorbers and four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes. The sticker price ranged from #4,360 to $5,750 and buyers were able to select from twelve body styles which included roadsters to town cars. Most were bodied by Merrimac Body Company.

The Merrimac Body Company was established by Stanley Judkins, son of John Judkin's of the J.B. Judkins Company who were famous for their bodying of Lincolns and Packard's, among others. Both were located in Merrimac, Massachusetts, along with around 40 other custom coachbuilders. This Mecca location attracted the most influential and prominent buyers from around the world who would come to see the new designs and creations.

The Merrimac Body Company was initially created to aid Judkins in creating vehicles, as Judkins was backlogged by numerous orders for their work. Merrimac's largest customer became Rolls-Royce of America in Springfield, though they bodied other marques such as Lincoln, Locomobile, Franklin and Packard. Their legacy resides with the work they did for duPont and the sensational Model G Speedsters.

The world was blessed with the introduction of the Model G Speedster at the January 1929 New York Auto Show. It was bodied by Merrimac and shown in two-passenger configuration. There were gently-sweeping fenders, a bull-nose grille, and other unique and distinctive trademarks. The first individual to purchase the Model G Speedster was Mary Pickford for her husband Douglas Fairbanks.

With the Great Depression in full swing, the list of potential clients dwindled. The competition for the luxury car segment was at a pinnacle and Paul duPont decided to suspend production until the economy was more stable.

The company merged into the Indian Motorcycle Company when E. Paul du Pont purchased the Indian Company.

and then there's this... all I can tell is that it was a Russian helicopter

Cheap way to make exhaust cut outs, if you've got a welder and plenty of motivation

seaplane taking off from a truck trailer. That's something you don't see everyday

B 36 taking off... one hell of a view, even if it is a Hollywood movie

low and fast

Hooooo, if this was real, it would break my brain to behold it

Who ever made this needs a damn award for craziest thing you'll see all week

the Packard Cable specials

save a tail light, don't be a dumbass

What it was like to be a passenger on the Concorde

here's a living the dream example, an Airstream gourmet food van, and a Super Bee

Near Panama City Beach in Florida

I just learned of a Cobra in disguise, the Willment CSX 3055

1931 Ford Model AA, 1 1/2 Ton Express Pickup Truck, Type 197-A, 157" wheelbase

when the saints go marching in, I want to be in that number

wow, this is a period perfect travel trailer step!